the konsebt team

we're konsebt - a concept development team with over 10 years of geeky internet experience.

read about who we are, what we do, how we do it,
our partners and how to reach us.


who we are

We like to refer to ourselves as creative engineers, concept developers or thinkologists. Our auditors, however, refer to us as Konsebt FZ LLC. We don't like labeling ourselves with anything conventional, because that's not who we are. We're an eclectic team with experience in marketing, the Internet, technology, art, design, film production, photography, and so much more. What we're not may be easier to explain: we aren't an agency, a consultancy, telemarketers, or your run-of-the-mill media company.


what we do

We're a New Media service provider with a plethora of experience, talent and resources that can deliver an infinite number of solutions. It all boils down to what you need. If you wanted to build a table, you would look for a carpenter who knows his tools and knows wood. We're your carpenters for everything techy, geeky and visual.


how we do it

We've spent years building a foundation that consists of three key pillars. The first is an effective 9-step process we call Thinkology which takes our ideas from mere thoughts to worthy, actionable ventures. We've spent years perfecting it (literally), and we use it daily. The second pillar is a small, trusted network of partners we turn to for technology, design and support. Our partners are experts in their fields, giving us access to an extensive bouquet of awesome products and services. And finally, our third and most sacred pillar is our attitude. We believe that the relationships we build are more important than the checks we bring in.
Plus, we're super friendly.


our partners

We have several partners across the globe that we've developed strong and trusted relationships with. We have design studios, web development teams, graphic designers, photographers, film producers, technology experts and other very talented groups in our network. If we can't provide the service you're looking for ourselves, we turn to our partners. If they can't help, we'll do our very best to refer you to someone who can. We will find you a solution.

how to reach us

We've setup camp in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. We're not fans of conventionality, so instead of having a copy-paste, corporate meeting, why don't we have a chat over a cup of coffee and talk about what we can do for you? If that's something that interests you, send a quick note to and we'll set something up. At the very least you would have made a friend and had a decent cup of coffee. Who can say no to an hour outside the office?